Month: October 2015

‘Same’ in the media

It’s been a busy time promoting Same in the media all across the country.  In the past few weeks I’ve talked to 96five in Brissy, chatted with Outback Radio 2WEB, and appeared on ABC News 24 Weekend Breakfast with Matt and Miriam.  It was my first time ever on national television so I was nervous for about 2 weeks before!  This probably seemed a little ridiculous to my hubby, who used to read the news on Sky every day!  I didn’t stuff up too badly, except the moment I said ‘maked’ instead of ‘made’.  What was I thinking?  I blame hanging out with 3 year old, who regularly says things like ‘I eated all my dinner’ and ‘I goed to the shops’.  Since I said the word ‘maked’ on national television, I’ve discovered that I often used her 3 year old speech patterns, and have found myself eating ‘tussert’, wearing ‘tujamas’ and saying something is ‘tusgusting’!

Oct 7 was World Cerebral Palsy Day and I was excited to have a blog post on Huffington Post.  This got a great response with a lot of traffic on the day.  I went over to visit my brother Charlie at the end of the week and read the post aloud to him.  I was a bit worried about what he’d think, but he really teared up at the end and I knew that he was proud of it.

For the next few weeks I’m visiting some schools and preschools with Same.  If you would like me to visit your school or preschool, please get in touch through the contact page of this website.