Australia’s Invisible History Podcast

So many of us Australians don’t know our own history. But that can all change.
Join broadcaster and author Katrina Roe and The Outback Historian, Dr Paul Roe, as they make the invisible visible by digging up the buried stories of Australia’s heroes, pioneers and visionaries.

You’ll meet Aussies from every corner of the country, the city and the bush including migrants and Indigenous Australians, men and women, nurses, doctors, activists, boxers, athletes, missionaries and ministers. The one thing they all have in common is that their faith inspired them to work for the greater good and put others before themselves.

Each punchy ten minute episode tells he story of an Australian whose story has been forgotten, but who made a contribution worth remembering.

Australia’s Invisible History was a finalist in the CMAA Excellence in Media Awards 2022 in the compelling Audio category.

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“Here is history with heart: Paul Roe, ‘The Outback Historian’ is so easy to listen to, but not easy to forget. This first story in the series packs such a punch that one longs for the second. The point in story one is that we Aussies have made Ned Kelly our hero, but the one who stood up to him and for our Indigenous brothers and sisters, John Gribble, we have allowed to disappear. Paul Roe challenges us to stop being so derelict and to get real in the interests of a much better Australia,” – historian Professor Stuart Piggin.

The Hope Book Club Podcast

I was also the founder and original host of the Hope Book Club podcast with over 40 episodes recorded with co-host Natasha Moore.

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